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ASF cleaning Services is the best Professional Carpet Cleaning Company for Croydon and Surrounding Areas.

We Don’t Just Keep Your Carpets Clean!
We Make Sure Your Carpets are Deep Cleaned and Protected from Future Spills and Stains.

No matter what condition your carpet is, we can improve the look and protect it. We can help bring out the best in your carpets all around your home:

• Stubborn and Ingrained Carpet Stains
• New Spills and Spots
• Embedded Strong Odours
• Fleas and Mites
• Allergens, Bacteria, and Germs
• Worn and Tired Looking

Dirty or stained carpets not only look unsightly, but they can also be home to pet hair, human skin, bacteria, germs, moulds, fungi, fleas, and mites.

It is recommended that your carpet is professionally cleaned by hot water extraction every 6 – 9 months to ensure removal of the harmful bacteria, viruses, and bugs that can cause illness or allergies. Unfortunately, household vacuums are not enough to deep clean your carpets to remove these hazards and nor is carpet dry-cleaning methods that many companies use.

That’s why we introduced our state of the art V2 machine to ensure the deepest clean.

Our professional carpet cleaning system heats our cleaning solution to 110 degrees making certain that we provide a deep, sterile clean to remove 99% of bacteria, eliminate stains, and bring new life to tired carpets.

When we visit your home we complete a thorough inspection of your carpets to ascertain the condition of the carpet fibre, note any pet hair or strong odours, and target any large or stubborn stains.

Our professional carpet cleaning team have the training, experience, and tools to tackle any carpet cleaning job. At this stage we determine the optimum cleaning procedure for your specific needs and can advise you on our expectations prior to undertaking any work.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we pride ourselves in providing the best possible carpet cleaning for our Customers – and giving honest advice based on years of experience.

After the initial inspection, we will then begin the cleaning process to remove heavy soiling and odours as well as deep cleaning the entire carpet surface. Our hot water extraction system is the safest and best way to remove ingrained stains, odours, and allergens from your carpets.

When we have finished our carpet cleaning process your carpet will be deep clean, bacteria free (99%), will smell fresh, and the fibre will appear improved.

The majority of our work comes from referrals from satisfied Customers and we hope to add your name to that list!

Our Carpet Cleaning Service Includes…

Carpet Cleaning:

Your carpets will be assessed and cleaned by our professional technicians with our best double standard clean available.

First, your carpets will receive our pre-treatment enzyme clean prior to the main clean. The applied enzymes will penetrate deeper into the carpet fibre than a standard clean and dissolve stubborn stains and dirt.

Then, using the latest high performance, high pressure, carpet extracting machines, we will clean your carpets thoroughly. When the main clean is applied the result is a more visually impressive, cleaner, and more hygienic carpet which is noticeably better than cheaper cleaning methods.

Flea and Mite Treatment:

Our steam cleaning system is highly effective in the control of dust mites and other allergens; however other pests can be harder to remove and sometimes require extra treatment.

This is where our chemical spray treatment comes in to safely kill flea and larvae, and neutralise dust mite faeces which is a major cause of allergic reaction.

After we have completed a thorough deep clean of your upholstery, we can then apply our flea and mite treatment whilst the upholstery is still damp. This effective method eradicates and prevents further infestation.

Note that our treatment has no smell during or after use, and is safe around children and most pets. (Goldfish and pet birds will have to be removed from treatment areas until the upholstery is fully dry).

Many of our tenancy Customers use our flea and mite treatment prior to moving out so that they comply with any de-infestation clause on their tenancy agreement.

Scotchgard or Deodoriser:

After cleaning your upholstery we can apply our Scotchgard spray treatment to provide you with extra protection against future spills and stains. We can also deodorise your items for effective removal of urine, cigarette, or pet odours – leaving your upholstery with a fresh and clean fragrance.

Rug Cleaning:

We will clean the rugs in your home using the same double standard clean process we use to clean your carpets. However, if you have delicate or expensive rugs please think about our Specialised Rug Cleaning service to ensure long lasting cleaning and preservation.

ASF cleaning Services: Carpet Cleaning You Can Trust.

We have recently introduced our new state of the art high powered carpet cleaning equipment to ensure an even better clean for our Customers.

It’s more efficient and has similar power to larger intrusive truck mounted machines with the added benefit of being fully portable.

Whether you live in a house, apartment or the top floor of a high rise block of flats – The Ninja can access all areas.

This powerful cleaning tool allows us to get into every corner of your home to give a better, deeper clean – just one of the many reasons we are highly sought after in Croydon, Bromley, South London, and surrounding areas, as a professional, high quality carpet cleaner.

Our state of the art V2 heating systems will heat our solution to 110 degrees while cleaning your carpets ensuring a more sterile and safe environment for your home. Another benefit of high temperature carpet cleaning is that it provides more effective dirt and stain removal as well as faster drying times for your newly cleaned carpets.

Thinking about renting a carpet cleaning system? Our built-to-order commercial grade steam cleaning machines are 10X more powerful than a rug doctor type hire machine.

We also provide Scotchgard and deodoriser treatments on your newly cleaned carpets giving you fresh, long-lasting protection.

Carpet Cleaners Croydon ASF cleaning aim not just to meet customer expectations but to exceed them – and our new triple vac high performance cleaning machines help us to deliver on this promise. As well as great cleaning, we will also clean any debris or water left by our equipment and will advise you how best to look after your newly cleaned carpets.

A complimentary pair of overshoes will also be left for you. This is a plastic shoe which slips over your standard shoes or trainers and will protect your carpet from marking during the 4 hour drying process.

We are happy to answer any of your questions, so call on 01883 330041 or get in touch today.

For a FREE no obligation quotation for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning contact us:

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