Window cleaning services Gatwick

Why do we offer two types of window cleaning? Well its because our customer want the option to choose and we are very much in to trying to give our customers everything they need.

Our motto has always been “customer satisfaction is our main priority” and because of this, repeat business has become more than seventy five percent of our work.

ASF window cleaning services provides Gatwick businesses and residents the very best, highly professional, reliable and competitive service available.

Unlike many Gatwick window cleaning services, we can offer our customers two types of window cleaning, either traditional or high reach, pure water fed pole cleaning.

We can also clean gutters, UPVC, Soffits and conservatory roofs as well as carpet cleaning, pre let / end of tenancy cleaning, communal area cleaning, jet washing and office cleaning.

Traditional window cleaning is basically using a ladder, squeegee, scrim and a bucket of water (the old fashioned, tried and trusted method), to get the best possible results.

Most private house owners seem to prefer the traditional method, as there is something safe and familiar about seeing a window cleaner up the ladder doing his job.

More and more businesses seem to be getting used to the new high reach, pure water fed pole system and the issues of health and safety with working at height can be alleviated.We still put out warning signs when using the pole system, because health and safety is very important to ASF cleaning services operatives.

With window cleaning services in Gatwick it is imperative that a company can provide both traditional and pole, because of the high volume of offices in the area, they need be assured that they have employed a company who can not only give a shine to the outside glass, but can also come in and clean the insides, as well as the interior panels within the office working area. If an ASF Cleaning operative works inside then he is always professional and courteous and will try his hardest to be unnoticeable in the work place.

When it comes to our window cleaning services in Gatwick for private houses we treat all customers the same, whether it is a large or small house, every one gets the attention to detail that we demand our operatives supply, making sure that ledges are wiped, surrounds well cleaned down and one hundred percent respect given to the customer and their property.

Window cleaning services used to have a reputation of chaps doing it for a bit of extra money, but we now believe that we have changed all that and operate a company with operatives driving a sign written van, uniformed, fully insured and trained to the highest standard.

We have moved our window cleaning services in Gatwick to the next level, not just for commercial customers, but for domestic customers as well and we still manage to keep the cost to a minimum.

So if its window cleaning services in the Gatwick area or any other place you require nice shining windows just call 01883 330041.

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