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ASF carpet cleaning services in the Caterham area is a full carpet and upholstery cleaning treatment service available to domestic and commercial customers.
Our ASF operatives have all been on Prochem and various carpet maintenance, but it is our years of experience on various jobs that enables us to rejuvenate carpets and give the Caterham customers the best possible results.

We only use the best deep cleaning equipment for our carpet cleaning services in Caterham and ASF machines are regularly serviced and kept clean and tidy, most of our deep cleaning machines are twin vacuum to provide a much more powerful suction and leave drying time to a minimum.

We always use the best Prochem EU regulated cleaning chemicals like Crystal Green cleaning powder, Multi pro liquid cleaning solution, traffic lane cleaners and we always add deodorizer free of charge to leave all the carpets we clean smelling lovely and fresh, so Caterham customers will be very happy with the results. ASF carpet cleaning services operatives work hard to make sure they attempt all stain removal and we do get ninety eight percent of stains out.

For all our Caterham carpet cleaning customers We will use all the EU regulated products available like tea and coffee remover, wax remover, citrus gel (for grease and tar etc), soda crystals and blood remover.

Caterham customers can expect ASF cleaning services to deep clean their carpets in way that they have never been done before, we are not in and out in minutes like some companies, we care about the end result and rely heavily on our customers coming back time after time with their repeat business.

Commercial carpets are often very dirty and due to the offices being used all day, we can come in at night or over the weekend to make sure your staff or clients are not disturbed and this way the carpet should be clean and dry for work the next day.

ASF carpet cleaning services in Caterham is very important because of the number of offices and business premises in the area and we can handle any size contract, whether large or small, we treat every customer with the utmost respect, arrive in one of our sign written vans, put out the necessary health and safety signage and proceed with the work to be undertaken in a professional and courteous manner.

We can supply hundreds of quality references from our satisfied Caterham carpet cleaning customers who have used ASF many times within the Caterham and surrounding areas.

ASF carpet cleaning services started out twenty years ago solely doing carpet and upholstery cleaning, so to say that we know the industry well is an understatement.

We know when a carpet should not be cleaned in case of shrinkage or colour running, we will always talk to a customer first before going ahead with any cleaning that has a possibility of causing problems, but if a problem did occur with a Caterham customer, ASF carpet cleaning services has £5m public liability insurance to cover it and our insurance does cover the carpet being worked upon, unlike other carpet cleaning services policies.

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Carpet Cleaning caterham